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Lots of people are saying WR, CB, OG, LB, etc. are all still needs, but I haven't really seen anyone say a word about DE. Are people satisfied with Johnson and Clayborn? I think both are solid players, but neither one of them are an elite pass rusher and that's what this team needs. They are very good against the run, but I think we need someone who can consistently get to the QB. I feel like if we don't draft a DE in the 1st or 2nd round, we're going to be in big trouble again with the pass rush this year.

I tend to agree with you about Johnson but I don't think they would have signed him to the contract they did without believing he could be that guy.  I think they are expecting Johnson to be an elite type rusher.

Exactly. If Lovie thinks he can be elite, so do I..

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