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Im a believer in Gholston, so I dont think DE is a dire need. But the game is won in the trenches so Id always welcome talent. Id love to see Allen or Peppers take a cheep contract to play with familiar coaches in a warm city. I think we are more likely to take a DT than a DE in the draft though.

Sounds reminiscent of last year when people like what they saw in future superstars like Aaron Morgan, and didn't want take any snaps away from DTN. Gholston could potentially develop into a decent rotational DE, but I honestly hope Lovie doesn't lean on mediocrity at this position as much as we have seen over the last decade. Sure, we cant have All-Pro players at every position,  but this is one position where you will need a rotation of 3 guys who are all at least "good", and I barely see two. Hopefully a 3rd is added in the first 2 rounds of the draft and ends up taking the 2nd most snaps out of the DEs by season's end.

People complain about getting too many people through FA, and then complain that they aren't doing enough.  There is only so much you can do at one time.  I think we are done for this year at DE unless we get someone late in the draft.  We'll assess what we have.  At some point you have to see if you can develop some guys.  I have a pretty good feeling Gholston is going to have a breakout year myself, and I think AC is being underrated by fans now. And you don't need an elite RDE to have a successful pass rush.  If you've got a dominant tackle, just having a couple of 7-8 sack guys outside and some decent rotational guys is enough to get the job done. 

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