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Dude the off-season is just getting started lol, have a lot of FA left and the draft, not worried at all

We don't have much cap space left so I doubt we're going to bring a guy like Allen or Peppers in so all that leaves is the draft. Most people I've seen think we're taking CB, WR, QB in the first 3 rounds so to me that sounds like they aren't too concerned about the pass rush.

I think Licht and Smith are playing it smart. They've gotten what they've needed, now they will fill the remaining holes with the draft and high-value free agent signings. I think that they are waiting for either Allen or Peppers' asking price to fall real far, much like Dwight Freeney, Osi Umenyiora, and John Abraham's asking values did last FA period. I think if they sign one of those players on the cheap, we will really be in business.....And that's not all. As other posters have mentioned, a lot is going to happen between now and training camp and no one knows whats going to go down. For all you know we could trade for a player or even end up drafting a potentially dominiant edge rusher. There is a lot of potential in this draft with regards to the pass rush off the edge. Clowney, Barr, Mack, Ealy or even Ford all fit the molds of players who could become dominant sack artists in the NFL. Its best to keep calm and know that Lovie & Co. have got this ship under control.

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