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Greg Auman [member=23448]gregauman[/member]  ·  31 minutes agoBucs QBs coach Marcus Arroyo said he's talked to Jeff Tedford to see how his health is, but said they haven't talked football at all.* * *Anybody else find this odd? Maybe there IS something to the speculation that Lovie and Tedford had a falling out and Teford is just done with this team for more than health reasons?

I hate conspiracy theories, but the lack of any real information fuels such speculation.  The last coach that I know of that had to take the year off due to health reason was coach Pagano.  There certainly wasn't complete silence from the crowd on that one.  The team rallied behind their coach "Pagano Strong".  Yes, Tedford could be requesting the silence or maybe he is required to remain silent to keep his paycheck and reputation?  There may be a combination of health and 'other' reasons.  I don't know what the real truth is here nor am I accusing anyone of anything, but the speculation is 100% due to the lack of real information.  Always has been always will be. 

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