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In regards, again, to Mike Glennon...... up to now he has shown enough for me to be confident he can continue to improve and be a very good QB. Now if you want to compare him to college QB's coming out next year that's fine.BUT, don't we have to make that judgement in a couple of months? My point is that so far, Glennon has shown me that he has what it takes. Mentally, physically, the arm, the football smarts......I've been impressed. I stand by that today. Of course a lot more will be known about him in January than today but that's true for the college guys too. I also must admit that if we somehow ended up with Clowney? I think that with the right coaching adding him to this team could be huge. Well, as I typed, more will be revealed.

I'm fine with Clowney or Jake Mathews.  A real franchise LT next to (hopefully) fully healthy Carl Nicks would be awesome.  I think Penn has topped out and is slowing down.  It all starts in the trenches, that is where the pick should be.

Interesting opinions and thoughts. I do not disagree with anyone's opinion here, but my own personal opinion is that if there is a QB available at our selection in the draft that we grade out to believe will be a top 10 NFL QB and if we are still not 100% sure what we have in Glennon at the time, then i think we absolutely have to take the QB. You don't often get the chance of an elite QB prospect. Also, it is impossible to win a championship without having a good QB in the modern day NFL. I have said this a billion times, no matter how good a pass rusher or a LT is, they cannot win you a championship without having a solution at the QB position.Like Garv says, it is early, and i agree we do not have to make this decision for months. I also have been impressed with Mike Glennon. I think he seems to be mentally smart and obviously is passionate about being the best QB that he can be.However, if come April/May we believe there is a QB available that will make us compete for championships for a decade, then we absolutely must pull the trigger. If we don't and Mike Glennon does not prove to be a huge success, then we will regret that decision for a very long time. As an example, and i know hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if we had taken Aaron Rodgers 5th Overall in 2005, there would have no doubt have been a lot of people saying "we did not NEED a QB, we have a QB in Brian Griese, why didn't we use that pick on an area of need like RB"

Oh yeah, that one hurts. But I also remember giving up and trading Steve Young for a draft pick (2nd round) and taking Vinny Testaverde with the first overall pick in 1987. Not arguing because Vinny had a pretty good career though mostly away from Tampa but giving up on Steve Young? Ouch. I also believe you HAVE to have a franchise QB and if you fail you try again. Just thinking Glennon may well yet prove to be the guy. No harm in hoping!