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As far as Bennett's backstabbing comments about Coach Schiano, that was classless and showed a lack of character.

Maybe, but I believe we've begun to hear comments from other players that corroborate Bennett's criticisms. I feel like he kinda filled the role of a whistleblower for an organization that was being run into the ground by Schiano.

Coach Schiano had a team playing with no quit that had been thru Freeman, MRSA, league leading injuries, personal hatred towards the coach by much of the media with total fabrications, etc.  He had very little support from ownership regarding MRSA, leaving him to answer the majority of questions about it.  Very little support from ownership regarding Freeman, making Schiano explain the daily saga without being able to tell all he knew.  It would have been a different story had the Glazers and or Mark D. allowed Schiano to bring in Carson Palmer....who wanted to  be here.  Also very probable SR has it right regarding Schiano wanting Bennett.Gerald McCoy was very outspoken during the season giving respect to Coach Shiano.  Since the season ended, I saw Jay Glazer ( there's that name again)  putting words in  Dashon Goldson's mouth during an interview.So, two different ways of leaving.  The Coach Schiano way...very gracious ( way too gracious imo)  and the Michael Bennett way... backstabbing the guy who was in your corner.

I am not a Schiano hater, but there were too many reports about organizational dysfunction going as far back as training camp. Too many reports of players not liking the atmosphere. Revis recently said that guys hated showing up to OBP because of the environment. Now, that may not have been true of everybody, but it definitely jibes with what has been reported *repeatedly* about the environment there. I'm not saying that Schiano was a bad guy, at all. It just seems he was very tense, uptight, and rigid in his approach. And his schemes were a joke.I agree that Schiano was gracious in his departure. He handled everything with a lot of integrity and class. And I don't doubt that there were plenty of players who genuinely admired his toughness and consistency. I still like the guy and wish it had worked out. I wish him well in the future, but I believe we're on a better course now with Lovie. And Bennett, whether you think he was a jerk for his comments or not, appears to have been speaking for at least a significant portion of the locker room.

I think that's fair enough while thinking less of Bennett for his comments. The Revis comments were far less abrasive, personal and I respect them more. Anyway, it's done and I am looking forward to the Lovie Smith era! 

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