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Bennett is doing good because the defense around him is good, not like here when the decision was made not to attempt to resign him.  Since our defensive scheme was so poor, I doubt that he would have been that successful.

This is not even close to being accurate.  Bennett's stats in 2012 with the Bucs and in 2013 with the Seahawks are almost identical on a per-snap basis.

its 2 points, you're commenting on the first, I guess. The second is spot on

Didn't Bennett have those stats with the Bucs in the same scheme?

Appreciate you pointing out the obvious to those that refuse to admit they were wrong about Bennett.

I can't speak for Horse obviously, but since I am in that convo . . Buggsy, just curious . . . didnt you say back then that I was crazy to say Bennett left for a bigger stage?  Didnt you say something like that?  Did you read Bennett's words in his pre-Super Bowl interview? (i.e. bigger stage). I tries to find the same interview for Clayborn . . . ???I never said Bennett was a bad player, I think I actually said he would probably do well.  my point was that there were two sides to the breakup AND that it made sense that in the sbence of a LTD he would choose Seattle over TB -- something Bennett just acknowledged in a pre-Super Bowl interview carried by multiple outlets (i.e. big stage). lol I also said the impact of his loss was likely overblown and that there had to be a reason the Bucs and the rest of the league didnt want to give him a LTD.  As I think I said at the time, the injury played a role. There are facts on both sides about the impact of his departure, as I mention belowI was definitely wrong about Bowers being a replacement, although I think the Bucs had more sacks and my comments were more about what one would expect of Bowers given his status and prior season. I was wrong, but then again so were the Bucs and they should know more than all of us about Bowers.  The real mistake wasnt just letting Bennett go, it was not replacing him . .  although, again, more sacks etc.  A point I think I also made, i.e., "let's see what they do now"all that said, the notion that Bennett has the same performance for the Bucs this season as he did for the Seahawks is pretty absurd. The Bucs start 0-8 and have a early-season controversy for the ages.  Bennett likely goes on IR under that scenario, the Seahawks even used him sparingly early according to the coach, right?  Even a fully healthy Bennett does not change the outcome of this season . . . and Bennett would be on the gold course right now with DTN and Clayborn . .  . not doing pre-Super Bowl interviewsnow, were you wrong about the "big stage", there being 2 parties involved in the split etc?  Again, I think you said I was delusional or something like that about the "big stage" . . .  and yet . . here we are.  I think you also said -- if memory serves - that your issue was why didnt they bring Bennett back at a deal like the one he signed with Seattle? Do you still think he would've taken a similar deal here? That is why you criticized my "big stage" point

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