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I was speaking of the Hawks, but even with the Bucs the circumstances (not the scheme) would'v been much different. Night and day, really. In 2012, he was a guy with something to prove playing mostly healthy, trying to get a contract, on a team that had some success but that faded late, he obviously had problems with Schiano. If he stays in 2013, he is the disgruntled guy because he didnt get his LTD, he still hates Schiano, he has his injury . . . the team has the awful start . . all the problems . . .  he likely says "F-that" and goes to can never have too many good players, but one player was not going to turn around the season and you cant just assume "x in 2012= x in 2013"  The circumstances matter

I agree with the last part but I think you're stretching the circumstances argument a tad. The biggest problem I have with the move/non move was the thought process of having Daquan Bowers be "the guy" at LDE when he had shown very little in two years. Whether Bennett or another player, there should have been a viable plan as a just in case.

we agree on that, although I was willing to give the FO and HC the benefit of the doubt on Bowers.  Talk about a big miss, unless there is more to the story.  Cullen's comments almost suggest there is and its hard to understand the depth of the Bowers fall from grace, but not expecting anything

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