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The release of Bennett will rank as one of the all time worst moves made in Buc history only exceeded by the Doug Williams fiasco, Bo Jackson, and the trading of Steve Young.  IMO    Sure could have used Bennett this year.  I am sure Bennett is smiling tremendously today!

I think that's a bit harsh. He was not released, he was an unrestricted FA. He took more money to play in Seattle. I think he's going to be an unrestricted FA again, after the Super Bowl. Does not signing him make him the fifth worst move? And what about Alvin Harper? Pretty bad move, could be a top four. Warren Sapp went on to have a 10 sack season with the Raiders.... poor decision? You win some you lose some and you keep going forward.What happen from now on counts. Maybe we sign Jared Allen and THAT becomes of the worst moves EVER! One one of the best moves EVER!And if Bennett is not smiling on playing in the Super Bowl than he's dead. Of course he is. His comments were still unnecessary and classless IMO.

I agree the comments were unnecessary but the fact remains the Bucs should have kept him.  Just another move by the organization that made you say WTF?Every team makes mistakes pointing them out just shows that all decisions aren't necessarily the right ones.  Like the Glazers promoting Morris and Dominik.

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