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If the following is accurate, then the Glazers have some explaining to do themselves.From SR's 1-17 chat: "The word is that Greg Schiano wanted him back, but the Glazers blocked that move."

I saw that too Sweep. Something doesnt add up.  more info needed, I guess

Yeah, I would LOVE to get an explanation for that one. Do the Glazers wield veto power on every free agent signing? Are they making choices on how to build/maintain the roster? This is seriously effed up if true.

If I were writing the checks, theoretically, I'd maintain the right to "veto" as well. I don't find that as much of a surprise - but I'd sure like to know what the other factors in the decision were. It's still unclear to me what Bennett was even asking the organization for contract-wise, or what Dom was prepared to give him. However if the Glazers were going all Jerry Jones on the organization and overriding the coaching staff and FO on personnel decisions, then that would make for quite a juicy story *cough*cough*MarkandScott*cough*cough*

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