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The reason Bennett had low numbers the first few years of his career was because he wasn't playing. You can't get stats from the bench. The reason Edwards' numbers tanked was because he wrecked his knee. He hid the injury from the Falcons and went under the knife after they signed him.

What about these guys12.51326 (contract year)8.5 (contract year)Big contract42.50Or this guy100713 (contact year)Big contract30

Both Albert Haynesworth and Marcus Jones were 1st round picks who had everything handed to them. Bennett was an undrafted free agent who had to refine his game and wait for higher drafted and higher paid players ahead of him to run out of chances. How about Charles Johnson? 06411.5 (contract year)Big contract912.5 11 Chris Clemons?032843111111.5Trent Cole? 5812.5912.51011

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