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The fact Bennett is willing to leave a superbowl contending team with a top tier defense in hopes of a bigger paycheck screams volumes about where his loyalties lie.IF that infact ends up happening.

What is wrong with someone wanting to be paid what ever he thinks his skills/talents are worth? You seem like the type that would be content with just finding a job and not worry about moving up in life. Every free agent that has come to Tampa in the last two years falls in that category of players leaving better teams in pursuit of $$. Even Darrelle Revis, who was pursued like a free agent with a draft picks involved in the background. In some cases it is money alone that motivates players, and in some cases its their liking of the game along with money. I believe Bennett is of the latter type as he always has been a great hustle player.

I'd think a players ultimate goal would be about winning.Leaving a winning team for money, when already getting paid millions, says alot.

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