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Dolphins, Dallas, Patriots worstim thinking Pats is the worst considering the gamble they took and the fact that Easily would have been there at the end of the 2ndDallas was a big fail not because Martin isnt a good player but for the fact that they completely ignored their horrendous defenseDolphins..........................that dude is a mid 2nd round at bestthe Bills pick of Sammy is a good one for the player but the price to move up is really rough. if they give Cleveland a pick before 20 next year it wasnt worth it. if they are in the playoffs/first team out and playing better it was worth it

I read on PFT this morning that Seattle traded out of the first because they missed out on Easley.  Seems that two powerhouse teams thought he was worthy of a 1st round pick so that is good enough for me to believe he was drafted right where he should have been.

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