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Best:Browns- getting Gilbert to pair with Haden was a great move and then nabbing Manziel at #22. Hopefully the 3rd time's a charm for them as far as picking QB in that spot. I think they nailed it, though.Rams- Robinson was nearly a no brainer here and though mostly no one saw Donald going there it was a brilliant pick. That front 7 is going to be great and they just became even more competitive in that division.Vikings- I'm not a fan of Barr really but they got a good pass rusher and the QB I wanted... second year in a row they were active in round 1 and I think it pays off big time.Packers- Clinton Dix falling to them was a stroke of luck. It filled a huge need and was probably BPA. Good move for them, especially with the passing games they have to go against twice a year.Worst:Patriots- Not a bad pick, I guess I'm just surprised they didn't pull a "New England" and move back for him. Though the rumor is Seattle wanted him. Still feels like a reach, though BB usually proves me wrong every year.Miami- W...T...F. I find it hard to believe he wasn't going to be there for their 2nd pick, or at least someone of equal talent.Philly- Who knows, maybe Chip knows what he's doing but it still felt like a wtf.Jets- Again, not a bad pick but considering the WRs and CBs on the board it just surprised me.Jacksonville- Bortles is going to be a Gabbert level train wreck if they cant surround him with a lot more talent.

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