Re: Re: Blount, K2 and Talib and more


Each of these players had negative issues and their reasons for release/trading were logical and independent of one another.  Blount was a one-trick pony who was ineffective at pass pro or receiving - teams knew we were running with him in.  K2 was a head case, often injured, and was seen as detrimental to the development of the offence and our franchise QB at the time.  Talib, who I very much liked, was prone to the big play, and was likely one more strike away from being considered a team cancer/head case.  Bennett simply wanted (reportedly) too much money for the role he would play (ie. shared time LDE), although he ended up taking a lower deal with a chance to win in SEA.  And by the way, he often disappeared in games, despite getting a few sacks here and there.  They all had some useful skills, so it was no surprise that they would have some role somewhere else.  If these were all isolated to football only decisions, sure, they could have been kept.  But in building teams, you have to make decisions, and these were deemed to be expendable pieces.  You may disagree with the decisions, but they were not illogical moves by any stretch, even now with hindsight.

I disagree and here is why:Blount's one trick is important for what the Bucs do.  The Bucs are not a prolific passing attack or a good play action team, so the passing game isn't important when we know the Bucs are running on downs 1 and 2 the majority of the time.  Based on the number of carries James received yesterday, the ground and pound strategy is the cornerstone of what Schiano wants to do.  Thus, the value of a RB that is very good at that one trick (running the football) increases substantially.K2 isn't a headcase compared to Talib for example, however his production is undeniable and if I was to be logical...having Wright and K2 running routes out of a double TE formation or a cluster formation provides more options for the Bucs rookie QB.  Especially with the #2 WR on IR and no decent slot WR either.Talib: He had a run where he was considered the best CB for the month of October. him opposite of Revis solves a lot of issues for this Bucs defense.  Having Gorrer back reinforces that having another capable CB makes this team better.  Especially if LJ doesn't see the field much.Bennett showed that he could have been a full time player.  The year before he had the sack generation but not the discipline to play the run but showed growth in that area while increasing his sack total.  Pass rushers are coveted like gold so they are worth every penny.Yes this team is better by having this talent on this team.  Their production with other teams hints at this but some remain unconvinced. 

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