Re: Re: Blount, K2 and Talib and more


.(Btw, Demps was the replacement for Blount? Is that correct?)

If that's a question....they were traded for each other.

I thought Blount was traded for a pick AND the rights to Demps?

Right. They were traded for each other.

I think that's not completely correct.  I believe the Bucs got a pick AND Demps for Blount.  Also, I could be wrong but I think that pick turned into Mike James.  If true, we got Mike James and Demps for Blount.  A pretty good trade IMO.As for Talib, I believe we got a 4th round pick for him which we turned into Akeem Spence, who is our starting NT.  Again, Talib for Spence.  I think we got the best of that trade, if only because Talib gets hurt every year, without exception.  He is out with an usual, while Spence is still playing.  While I won't argue tjat Talib is an outstanding CB but he isn't much help when he is hurt, which happens EVERY YEAR.

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