Re: Re: Blount, K2 and Talib and more


Each of these players had negative issues and their reasons for release/trading were logical and independent of one another.  Blount was a one-trick pony who was ineffective at pass pro or receiving – teams knew we were running with him in.  K2 was a head case, often injured, and was seen as detrimental to the development of the offence and our franchise QB at the time.  Talib, who I very much liked, was prone to the big play, and was likely one more strike away from being considered a team cancer/head case.  Bennett simply wanted (reportedly) too much money for the role he would play (ie. shared time LDE), although he ended up taking a lower deal with a chance to win in SEA.  And by the way, he often disappeared in games, despite getting a few sacks here and there.  They all had some useful skills, so it was no surprise that they would have some role somewhere else.  If these were all isolated to football only decisions, sure, they could have been kept.  But in building teams, you have to make decisions, and these were deemed to be expendable pieces.  You may disagree with the decisions, but they were not illogical moves by any stretch, even now with hindsight.

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