Re: Re: Blount, K2 and Talib and more


This team would still be better with those three on the team IMO.James had too many carries for a single game and that type of play is punishing on a back when there are 8 games to go.  That is the same argument used to justify why Bennett was let go (Bowers would be taking over).  Assuming Bowers becomes NFL starter quality, you don't let depth go just because.K2's suspension will be up soon and if he was still with the team it would give the Bucs a double threat at TE with Wright and more option for Glennon.Talib with Revis would form the better m2m duo in the league.And the biggest criticism I have of Schiano/Dom regime thus far is Meredith.  Dom wanted to trade away Meredith for what reason?  Because he wasn't a starter?  Meredith showed he was good depth last year and the Bucs had the itch to want to trade away that depth.  And the Bucs coaching staff was stubborn about playing Meredith as well but he came through once more when given a chance.Building a football team isn't just about starters, but also about depth and the overall roster make up.  The goal of team building to accumulate talent not trade it away for peanuts.

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