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Browns had almost as many rushing TDs last night as the Bucs have all half-season long.  Three RB had a TD for the Browns.  Hoyer didn't even throw for 200 yards.  No TD passes.  Yet, winning that game was never in question.Bucs need to work on that...

it helps when the opposing QB has a complete meltdown

Also helps to not have to throw to play catchup when the wind is 20MPH...  Bengals missed their Giovani Bernard screen passes.

it was only 14-3 for a long time. I think having throw to move the ball in general was the problem, just like the Bucs. It was a simple and classic case of Oline and Dline of one team being a lot better then the Oline and Dline of the other team. Doesnt help that Dalton is just average either.

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