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I've definitely simmered down on my initial scorn for the Jerseys. One thing I find a bit amusing, however, is that they used Dougie for the release and the 22 is probably the worst looking number in the new font, and this is what caused the outrage for so many, or at least was the primary source of fuel.  Then, other than GMC, they keep using the number 14, which is actually fairly sweet looking in the new font.  Did you notice how they gave the 14 jersey to McCown and Collins to hold up?  I thought that was rather funny to see both guys holding a jersey that neither will wear...pretty lame in my opinion.  Wonder if they feared backlash over their numbers or if the team is just not sure yet what their numbers will be.

Sorry, just bumping this one so as to get back to the OP...if anyone cares.Did anyone else notice or have any comment over the overuse of the number 14 when showing off the new uniforms?

Not sure about that one. I did notice but I figured it was just because they had just signed and either weren't sure of the number they would wear or didn't have the time to make a new jersey. Did seem a little odd to have them both holding up #14s though. I didn't remember that #14 was also the number used by the model in the release. Maybe it's just coincidence?

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