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Back on topic...I LOL at anyone refusing to buy the unis. You'll end up in a few years time being the lone **CENSORED** with your Pre-3014 jersey in the stadium. This is the way the team looks now and fans WILL have to accept it or be left behind.

Or.....we can just wear the jerseys we already have for the next 10 years. Pretty sure I won't be left behind as long as I keep buying tickets and going to games. Won't be left behind even if I don't buy tickets and sit in a bar in my old jersey....or if I sit at home in my underwear. You can LOL all you want, but honestly why does it even matter to you if the guy next to you has an old jersey or a new one? Who really gives a **CENSORED**? If I think the sh!t is ugly and don't wanna buy one, then I don't need to buy one. Doesn't mean I'm not a fan anymore or that people like you need to LOL or "leave us behind" That some pretty stupid sh!t right there.

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