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Hey Doloris, why don't you show up to the next get together and wear a name tag that says Doloris. I'd love to meet you buddy.

I'll bet you would ....I don't swing that way though , princess.

What way is that? To hang out and socialize face to face with your peers? Of course you don't swing like that. All you do sit behind your keyboard and act like a little fuctard. There is a reason that we never see people like you or Illuminator or Java or Morgan in person. None of you are man enough to own what you say and accept the consequences for the way you act on the internet. Pathetic really.

We've all seen how you ogle cute QB's ....hanging out with you is not on my wish list. Sorry.If you promise to stay home , though , I will come and show everyone else my badass new custom Jersey.

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