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Sooo, if we tank, and get the #1, and Lovie passes on a QB, and we riot, ....will that be enough to get him fired? If so, let's tank! If not....who cares, I am a hopeless fan with Lovie at the helm.

They have tanked in every game but two. There's hope for a first overall pick. Not much after that though, as I'm in the same disenfranchised boat as you.Until lovie is gone, this team won't be safe. Hell, people are b1tching about how he will "waste" a pick on qb. He would, but only because he doesn't know how to use one. How is everyone going to handle it when he trades down and drafts an rb? Yeah, I'll be happy with whatever, but I'm expecting lovie to do the unexpected, ..and possibly something veeeery stupid.

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