Re: Re: Bucs Bosa Draft Scenario


Glennon will never sniff a pro bowl. Guys not that good and the best thing he has going for him is how much he's sat the bench and prevented himself from being over exposed

Your evaluation of him coming off a decent rookie year on a below average offense and a few games his 2nd season on a dysfunctional offense, with no NFL OC, is very much flawed. He has shown the ability to win games in the face of adversity on below average teams. Given the chance as "the guy" from day one will allow Mike to showcase his true abilities.


Dude better watch out. He's going to open up a big can of BP1 worms. hehehemiscellaneous-worms-can-tin-opening_a_can_of_worms-opening-jfa2492_low.jpg

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