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ATV is no Revis that's for sure. But if the Bucs had kept Revis they wouldn't have been able to sign Michael Johnson, EDS, and McCown.  Doh!Never trade quality for quantity. Said it then and I say it now.

True .However Revis would be disgruntled as hell playing a passive zone all day every day .

If lovie was as good a coach as he thinks he is he could have used him in man coverage anyway.Just because the t2 uses predominately zone coverage in the backfield doesn't mean man coverage can't be used on an opponent's number one wideout. That excuse ain't gonna fly.He traded quality for quantity, and got what he should have. It's going to get better defensively, but not so much that it will matter a great deal. Lovie should have kept him this season at the very least, and drafted a qb. He made all the wrong moves and plays the same style/scheme every outing. It was bound to fail, we just couldn't see that right away because of our shock of actually have an accredited and certified HC for once.The glazers let lovie loose upon this team, and he has no clue how to run it. It was basically all handled by ownership in chicago, not him directly. All he did was run a similar system all the time that the players could be familiar with and grow into.The glazers handed him the keys and now he has set us back three more years.

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