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Since when are WR and RB "non-premium" positions?

RB has become a non premium position especially given how late they are being drafted now on draft day.  There is debate about WR but I don't think a WR is as valuable as a pass rusher, pass blocker, QB or CB IMO.    The drafting of another RB also signals that with Martin having two years left on his contract, Mike James coming off a major injury, and Rainey a ERFA this year suggests a lot of uncertainty for the position.  Teams are reluctant to have large amounts of cap space dedicated to RB's so it seems like Martin being re-signed has dwindled but there is still a chance.

I agree on that point, I think thats why we just drafted another RB. I wouldn't expect Martin to remain a Buc for too long, unless he is willing to sign a small contract with us.

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