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There isn't a QB on the planet who could win games and score points with this offensive line, these RBs and this offensive coaching staff. And there isn't QB that has been born at any point in history that can put up points at the clip required to bail this defense out.Chasing a QB is stupid given the glaring needs elsewhere.

Elite QBs make their teammates better. When the team has the confidence that they're going to win before the game is even played, everyone plays better. When they think they don't have a QB good enough to win, everyone just coasts and tries not to get injured.

Starting to think the team thinks that about Lovie and Leslie. Not even getting to Glennon, because I don't believe the team feels Lovie can lead them with this stubborn b.s. of a decrepit defensive scheme that he won't adapt to fit the players he has currently.

That's definitely a problem, too.

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