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The question shouldn't be "is Glennon are biggest problem?"  It should be "can Glennon ever become a top 10 QB in this league?"  If you don't think so then the answer is obvious that you draft a guy you think can if he's available to you.

This ^^^Right now Glennon is hovering around average to above average.  I don't think you can build a great defense in this current salary cap era unless you hit some home runs late in the draft like Seattle has done.

With the state of the Bucs as is, is it time to make a play for a qb? or is it time to bolster the oline and take a dominant LT? If you believe Glennon is a backup, and you go qb round 1, shouldn't logic state that the new qb is the starter? throw a rookie qb out there behind our current oline, with Dougie "0.5yards and a cloud of nothing" won't that possibly shatter the qb's confidence almost at the same percentage that he might be able to provide the spark to overcome the limitations of our offense?Do you want to take a gamble on a guy who might be the real deal or bust, and if he's the real deal, still possibly get him shell shocked behind this craptastic offense?

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