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I don't know how you look at the offensive and defensive line -- one of which can't block and the other of which can't rush the passer or stop the run -- and think that QB is the biggest need on this team.

I obviously can't speak for others, but for me, it's not that I think that QB is the biggest need on the team.  Or that a new one would magically fix the defense.  Instead, it's that teams only get so many opportunities to draft a top QB prospect.  As we've seen all too often with our own team, it's all too possible to have a wretched season and still not have a shot at one of the top prospects based on the draft class and how the draft itself falls.If the team were to draft a QB this May, I'd look at it as in investment in the future.  Yes, it's still a team game, but they *are* the single most impactful players in the game.  That said, if I were running the team and would up being in a position to draft Mariota or whomever winds up as the top prospect, I'd definitely listen to offers from other teams.  It'd have to be a pretty danged serious offer, and there are obviously no guarantees going that route either, but I do feel like Glennon has showed enough to make that a viable option.

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