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The qbs in this draft suck so this is a bad year to be looking. We are SOFT in the trenches.. you can NEVER win in the nfl with (censored)ty lines on both sides of the ball. I think only two guys from pur entire front seven on defense would start on any other team.

I don't think the QB's in the 2015 suck.  But the 2014 draft had a better diversity of QB's to choose from.Still, had Mariotta came out in 2014, he would have been the top prospect.  So, having a shot at him in 2015 is all good.

NFL Fans: October: "THE QUARTERBACKS IN THIS DRAFT ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!"March: "THE QUARTERBACKS IN THIS DRAFT SUCK, WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR AND THEY'LL BE AWESOME!!!"June: "WHY DIDN'T WE DRAFT A QUARTERBACK?!?!" Also, Mariota's stats are 99% the product of the system he's in. You can throw every number he's posted directly into the bin. If you want to draft him, you have to be convinced (based on his tape) that he can read a defense on his own (without looking over to the sidelines) and can go through progressions when his 1-read offense breaks down. He could be a superstar based on skills, but he could just as easily be an enormous bust. For me, I'm looking elsewhere for a QB in 2015 if it comes to that.

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