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Only way this team gets an elite QB is if they actually draft a QB. Glennon isn't that. Maybe once this franchise stops settling for mediocrity and takes a chance on something great we will actually have a chance to be relevant in this League. Every QB ever drafted was potential to be a bust but those teams still took the chance. Can't get one if you don't at least try.

Drafting a bust sets your franchise back, minimum, of 3-4 years in most cases. It's not only the lost draft pick (which could have been used to shore up some other aspect of the football team), it's also the growing-pain years where you accept bad football on the belief that "my QB needs the snaps to get better."If there is a lock-down, universally-lauded, can't miss QB in the draft (see: Luck, Andrew) you have to take him.Absent that? Get an anchor for the O-Line. Get a terror on the D-Line. Building in the trenches is a winning formula.

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