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"If there is a lock-down, universally-lauded, can't miss QB in the draft (see: Luck, Andrew) you have to take him. Absent that? Get an anchor for the O-Line. "Really so the Steelers with Roth shouldn't have taken him as he's a risk? Rivers, same thing? Rodgers? Manning (either one was questioned coming out), Flacco...of of those were bad picks because none of them were Luck-ian level sure things.Taking a bad QB sets you back but the reason you are taking a QB is that you have a bad one so instead of having a chance to not suck for a decade your answer is to maintain the status quo with a suck QB and try and build around him? This is known as the "All About 5" approach to the game and it don't work. Until you have a QB, nothing else will work.

Horrible play from your lines is worse than having a bad QB. We don't have a bad QB, btw.

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