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"If there is a lock-down, universally-lauded, can't miss QB in the draft (see: Luck, Andrew) you have to take him. Absent that? Get an anchor for the O-Line. "Okay and who exactly is this rookie anchor going to protect? The absolute world beater in Mike Glennon? You're right taking a QB sets the franchise back but where is this franchise going right now? Nowhere. Even if we end up going backwards we at least have to attempt to go forward. You risk to draft a QB you can build around. This fan base and team needs a face.

If we had Christian Ponder or Geno Smith I'd agree, you go full bore qb. Thing is, we don't have an elite qb, but we also don't have the worst qb in the league.They say it takes time for the pro game to slow down for rookies, so you want to draft a good/great qb to sit behind this line? He'll get murdered, and probably lose his confidence in this team. And we'll have the next Steve Young on our hands, a guy who doesn't do much here, gets traded and boom becomes a great qb on a good team.

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