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If I read most of the posts it is too simple. Hire a elite Qb and the whole team is winning the Superbowl. Really?

Your strawman is full of straw.

Even that most of you won't hear it. Shiano's team was competitive most time. Lovies team playing like they are doing their first game in life.

Ah, yes.  They were a 4-12 team that played stupid, undisciplined football (toes on the line or no), but they were a *competitive* 4-12 team that played stupid, undisciplined football.  Sort of.  But not really.  Well, that's ok then.

Even they've lost many games I had more hope for the next game than this year. That was the second game where the game was over after the first quarter. They were outplayed like a college team. That did not happend the last two years. And penalties are a problem this year also. Last season Shiano was the bad man, but who is it this year?I expected more from lovie and hope he gets the sip in the right direction.

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