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Well the premise of this argument is that we will be picking pretty damn high and there is potentially two franchise QB in this draft.

Who?Andrew Luck doesnt come around every year. QBs have the highest odds of busting more than any other position. And the stakes are the highest. When you draft one in the first round, your franchise is practically married to that decision for the next 5 years, for better or for worse. If a head coach or GM blows blows that one decision, his job is toast.Drafting a QB in the first round just because you are desperate is a not a good way to find a franchise QB. If you are not completely sold on a guy, you need to pass.You don't have to have the #1 pick to find a franchise QB. Kaepernick was picked in the 2nd round, Russel Wilson in the 3rd round, Aaron Rodgers was picked in the late 1st round. Drew Brees was picked in the 2nd round.

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