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Would be nice but Manning, Luck, Rodgers type guys don’t grow on trees. It’s not that the team shouldn’t try or hasn’t tried to look for one. This upcoming draft doesn’t excite me but hopefully we find one soon. It’s no secret that teams who have solid play at this position definitely have a chance to win. Honestly Glennon hasn't played bad he's just not winning us games. It's not all on him as our defense has not gotten him the ball back to get leads. Yes he threw a costly pick but defense needs to help him out and make stops too. It's a team game and it seems for years this team has not played solid team football. Our biggest weaknesses are always costing this team games. Whether it's qb, defense, Oline, pass rush. Were always lacking in something. I realize even good teams have weaknesses but are always strong enough in another area to make up for it. This team never has any of that it seems.

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