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I don't get this fear of drafting a QB. Guys, literally nothing else we do has the potential to turn this team around in as big a way. You can hit on all kinds of high value spots like LOT and DE and still be pond scum year in and year out as long as your QB play is substandard. No, you dont draft a QB just to draft one but assuming we grade out guys like Mariotta, Cook and Winston the way they appear to be grading out by anyone I see...why would you pass on that for any other spot?

Blah blah blah.You're on record as saying a QB isn't adequate unless he makes great throws on every series of every game. Yep, no mistakes allowed, especially for young QB's, big no no. Somehow I have a feeling if you get your wish and Glennon is removed as the starter, your expectations for what a solid QB is will suddenly become much more realistic. Just a hunch.

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