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I don't think anyone is advocating the team drafting a guy they are not sold on that high at any position.  But they shouldnt refuse to strongly consider the QB position either if they are not sold on Glennon's potential to lead this team to a Super Bowl.

I think DJ and a few others are right. I don't think Lovie will draft a QB period, regardless of whether he's sold on him or not.

lovie doesn't own the team.

Glazers don't usually get involved in football decisions though.I'm fine taking a stud QB if a stud QB is there. I'm not for reaching for a QB though . I'm not of the "qb is all that matters" camp.  Plus I think Glennon is good enough to win with if we surround him with competency for once.The game is still won in the trenches . Ultimately we keep losing year in and year out because we get dominated on both lines of scrimmage . If the BPA is an offensive or defensive lineman that should be the pick. We can't ignore it or try to band-aid it any longer.

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