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Escobar, that is an asinine statement. How you read “be consistent” and interpret that as “can’t make mistakes” is amazing. I do ask that the Bucs starting QB not be the least accurate starting QB in the league. I know that is hard to fathom.  That lack of accuracy will in the long-run doom him because you can’t function and win that way and everything in the last 20 years supports that idea.As for "once Glennon is removed", think again go back and look at last year and see my sense that he did deserve a chance and he was showing some good qualities. I was certainly not a fan of Drago nor of Freeman so I'm hardly a guy who doesn't want Glennon to work out. My problem is that he doesn't look like he is working out. Last year as a rookie I was a lot more forgiving (and spare me 16 games so he is still a rookie that "logic" doesn't wash) but now in year two i want to see him be a much more complete QB. There are really no metrics or measures that show he is good and people who watch QB's also don't think he is passing the eyeball test right now.Let's be clear I would LOVE to see the next 10 games change my view of Glennon. I'd be tickled to see him get comfortable with the offense and receivers and develop a more consistent game. I want a reliable QB here in Tampa and not having to roll the dice in the draft would be a perfect scenario plus we have a lot of other needs the presumably high pick we have could also help.

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