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There isn't a QB on the planet who could win games and score points with this offensive line, these RBs and this offensive coaching staff. And there isn't QB that has been born at any point in history that can put up points at the clip required to bail this defense out.Chasing a QB is stupid given the glaring needs elsewhere.

The NFL is a quarterback league. Have a quarterback who can make plays, all of a sudden the other problems aren't nearly as exacerbated.

You want to name a quarterback who can keep a team in the game when the defense is getting marched up and down the field every time the opposing team touches the ball?You're asking for a guy who can, literally, match the other team score for score for 2-3 quarters of football at a time. You're talking about Peyton Manning or Tom Brady in their primes and just about no one else. So yeah -- if that kind of "elite" QB falls to the Bucs I hope they draft him. But, absent that, they've got other areas of the football team that need way more help than QB.

I don't know of any QB that can get us about 9 touchdowns a game. That's what's we need with this Defense to have any chance at winning games.

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