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The play of your QB is large dependent on the quality of your OL.

This, of course, is why the quarterbacks that Joe Thomas has protected over his career have historical tended to be pro-bowlers.Seriously though, it works both ways.  Do you seriously think that the Saints offensive line, for example, hasn't benefitted over the years from Brees' absurdly fast release?

Because one player makes an entire O-line. You can do better than this.Of course the Saints line benefits from that, but here we are again comparing a second year QB to one of the all time greats.No unrealistic expectations here...nope.

No, I am not saying that Glennon should be playing like Brees.  I'm simply using Brees as an example of why it's fallacious to suggest that it's as simple as quarterback's play being determined by the quality of their offensive line.And the Joe Thomas thing was a *joke*.  Hence the "seriously though" bit.  Don't take things so danged seriously.

I didn't say determined, I said largely dependent on...which it is. It's not black and white, obviously, but there's clearly a connection. To hear some of you talk about it, you'd think the line is irrelevant. As is the running game, defense, and the OC.

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