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Manning’s INT went from 28 to 15 in year 2. His INT% dropped from 4.9% to 2.8%.  His rating went from 71 to 91. His comp% went from 56% to 62%.  That is notable progressGlennon has the same INT rate (which is very good BTW so not an issue), his comp% has dropped, and his rating has nosed up an imperceptible 3 points from. 83 to 86. At most we are talking a very incremental improvement not the massive change that Manning saw. Manning is an unfair measuring tool what about more mundane guys like Flacco and Dalton.?Flacco saw his comp% up , INT% down and rating go up in year 2 by 8 points. Dalton saw his comp% go up, his INT% got worse but his rating still went up 7 points because he was more efficient. In other words, you should see a pretty clear set of measurable improvements from year 1 to year 2 even on much more modest QBs.

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