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I don't think you know what cherry picking means.What I listed are facts, they are the biggest problems facing this team right now. If you believe Glennon is our biggest problem, you're a fool. I don't disagree that he isn't a perfect QB, I'm just not foolish enough to act surprised by that given his lack of experience. I have realistic expectations, you live in fantasy land. It's not surprising you can't comprehend what I'm saying.

No, they are your interpretations of various things about the game that you have warped into absolving Mike Glennon from every ounce of blame no matter what the situation is. If you follow the EPL, it's similar to how some of their fans completely absolve Roberto Soldado from being one of the biggest acquisition busts in history and it's always blame the pieces around him, never the player himself. The best tend to shine, even when things aren't going well or things are going against them because of their talents. Mike Glennon has never shone, not once, not ever, he's never lifted the players around him. He's proven he can probably stick around as a career backup and maybe as a QB teams without one bring in to give a shot too. But he's not a franchise QB, he isn't the guy that prevents a franchise from drafting one.

Official league rankings are now my "warped interpretations"? Interesting.Let's try another method. Because your expectations are so realistic, that  a second year QB should be carrying his team to win after win in spite of his team having the worst defense in the league, one of the worst O-lines and running games, while also having an inexperienced QB coach acting as should very easily be able to provide me a list of QB's who have accomplished this.The list is going to be very lengthy, no doubt, because according to you these expectations of yours are realistic and not remotely unfair. So..I'll hold.

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