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Let's try another method. Because your expectations are so realistic, that  a second year QB should be carrying his team to win after win in spite of his team having the worst defense in the league, one of the worst O-lines and running games, while also having an inexperienced QB coach acting as should very easily be able to provide me a list of QB's who have accomplished this.

I don't think "winning games" is the metric that most of the people here are using.  I, for one, have always considered it a pretty wretched way of evaluating a quarterback.  Sure, there's no *single* thing a team can do to increase their chances of winning games than having an excellent quarterback, but it's still a team game.  Please don't mistake my argument as being that the team's struggles are all (or even primarily) Glennon's fault.  But ... you don't pass up on a potential franchise quarterback unless you already have one.  And while he'd danged well better have the rest of the season to prove me wrong, I'm not convinced that Glennon is more than a Kyle Orton type of player.

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