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So lack of run game which has no effect on passing, look it up there is no correlation between run success and pass success. That is irrelevant.The line is relevant but of course you want to pass blame off when he has no time but do not similar want to penalize him when versus NO he had all day to throw.  Plus, you want to ignore the fact that QBs are a huge part of why an OL looks good or bad. Manning behind this line makes it look unreal, David Carr makes it look worse. QB is not a largely dependent factor on other spots. It is the reason QBs can turn around teams and why when the starting QB goes out on most teams they are dead in the water because those other elements can't prop up a backup.

Again the comparisons go right back to the all time greats. I don't think you even realize you're doing it.You bring up the NO game yet intentionally leave out the massive amount of penalties we had. Constant 2nd/3rd and longs, or does that not matter either? I remember Hate wanted to pin the safety on Glennon, when he was hit almost immediately after the snap because Mankins was too busy fantasizing about Gisele. Glennon didn't play perfect in that game but he didn't play poorly either. Your expectations are that he should be a complete QB at this stage of his career. Maybe you won't admit to that but it's a fact.

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