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Lovie was convinced that McCown was the answer, so much so that he didn't even have a QB competition. Lovie started Rex Grossman for how many years?Needless to say, I have no confidence in Lovie choosing the right QB.

To be blunt, if one really feels that's the case, the obvious response is to fire Lovie, not to refuse to ever draft a quarterback.

We drafted a QB. The real error would in in refusing to let him develop, or ignoring the train wreck that surrounds the young QB, and instead pretend it doesn't matter. Lovie can't pick a QB to save his life, but I'm holding out hope he has a little bit more common sense than some of our forum members. I trust he'll factor in all things when critiquing Glennon at the end of the season, not just that he was a Schiano pick. 

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