Post count: 1520 I said. I'm tired of excuses. The OL, lots of flags, he's 24, we don't call short routes, we don't call long routes, we don't call screens, the offense is too complex, the offense is too simple, we run too much, we run not enough, we need a slot WR and a host of other things people say to excuse our QB du jour. it isn't just Glennon, the Freepologists were mageristeral at this but there were Josh Johnson excuses, Luke McCown excuses, Son of Phil excuses, Son of Bob excuses as well.  Of course, you have to make excuses for why those guys don't play well. You know why you don't spend a lot of time excusing good QB's..because they are good.

And a microscopically small percentage of them are 2nd year players.

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