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You might that argument but Bortles had the worst INT% in the league right now. Better, not sure about that but the are things about his game that do already look better than Glennon -- his accuracy is better. Where I agree with you despite my quibbles is that decision making usually gets better - and can get a LOT better - accuracy doesn't tend to get much better.

eyeball test says he'll be better so I'll take him right now over Glennon.

Oh, the eyeball test. How silly of me to argue against something with that kind of perfect track record. Do you still hold it against your parents for putting crack in your baby formula, or have you forgiven them?

Damn son, you're a angry little fella.

About what? I felt it was a valid question. Unless you have another explanation for why you say such stupid things. I'm all ears, bozo.

You sure? Glennon says you're all head and shoulders.

This reminds me of a scene in The Office, where Michael Scott usually says something unfunny or stupid when Pam transfers calls to him, so she intentionally delays doing so until after he makes his first attempt at humor. He usually does better on his next attempt.Give it another go child.

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