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This reminds me of a scene in The Office, where Michael Scott usually says something unfunny or stupid when Pam transfers calls to him, so she intentionally delays doing so until after he makes his first attempt at humor. He usually does better on his next attempt.Give it another go child.

You know you wish you posted that. 

Oh, the eyeball test. How silly of me to argue against something with that kind of perfect track record. Do you still hold it against your parents for putting crack in your baby formula, or have you forgiven them?

This is the kind of Glennonista perspective that I think we need more of.  It's starting to taper off.  This account is positioning perfectly for when Mike Glennon leads us to the playoffs next season.  It will be an Escobar06 bloodbath on The Red Board.

I think Escobar is pwning in this thread , for the most part. Lots of good points about Glennon.Good work Escobar.

DJ WINS AGAIN!!!!This isn't another one of your accounts is it?

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