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Indeed he did, but he was still a journeyman QB who was average to above average throughout his career. Jeff Hostetler has 2 SB rings. 1 he won and the other he had as a backup, he even went to the pro bowl once too.But we all know that a Pro Bowl selection is mostly about winning a popularity contest.

The point is Brad may have been average to above average through most of his career, but in 2002 he was elite. It's not a coincidence that's the year he won the Super Bowl.

Even in 2002 he wasn't elite. He was good, but not elite. The D was Elite and the Oline had been overhauled so it was better. The main difference however was the play calling. The O finally had a system that worked and Johnson helped make it work, but he was never Elite. He did though have a good season.

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